Train intelligently post lockdown



By Allan | May 03, 2020

Train intelligently post lockdown

 By Allan | May 03, 2020

Gyms will also open soon!! Yes, you heard that right! Are you eager to get all your fitness levels back and shed some pounds along the way, then make sure you train the smart way.

Firstly, to all you athletes/ fitness buffs like me, who will be heading to the gym remember that we have to take precautionary steps to avoid risks of COVID -19 and help in creating a safe environment. Make sure the gyms you visit has strict guidelines to maintain social distancing & also maintain cleanliness protocols. Yes, you may wonder will this process be exhausting in order to get your workout done then trust me, it Is just for a short period till things normalize.

So, on how should we approach our training after this lockdown break, here are my thoughts :

Those coming with the mindset of attacking the gym hard with heavy reps and high intensity in the first two weeks and are super ambitious to regain what they lost, then let me break it to you that your body will not be able to handle that kind of intensity. Now, some of you may have even worked out during the lockdown and feel that your body can regain its peak in the gym but you need to understand that with limited equipment, your intensity in training has dropped down quite a lot and it is quite possible that your earlier PB strength has reduced too. Just think about what I have said and try to break things down in your training methods.

Some serious pointers you should keep in mind

Olympic lifting : Please understand Olympic lifting is a super complex dynamic movement that will require loads of coordination and muscle stability work. You will be super off with movements after this lockdown break. Rushing back into 1 RM’s cannot be your approach to getting your strength back.

Heavy Lifting : The urge of adding heavy weights/ plates for heavy weightlifting movements might be something that can tickle your mind to do cause you have the urge to lift something heavy and probably you think you might be able to pull it off. Again remember your nerves and connective tissue will require some time to ramp up such heavy weights and adapt to. Attacking your strength workouts and building to a heavy rep wouldn’t be the ideal approach.

Conditioning/ Calorie Workouts : Being stuck with no weights or limited equipment during lockdown period to suddenly having a variety of equipment’s such as db’s, kettlebells, rower, ski-erg, air bike, battle ropes, etc., might push you to attempt high Intensity workouts. Now, we have to keep in mind that even if we managed to get some workout done during the lockdown, it would have been moderate to low intensity work. So it would not be ideal to jump straight into high intensity workout.

What should you plan to work on and help yourself build back to your previous version before lockdown?

Time to work on your warm-ups & post workouts accessory movements : In my programming over the years, I have believed that a good set of warm-up for each part of the body that is going to be worked in the workout of the day is necessary for you to release your joints, improve mobility & bring your heartrate up & get ready for the session. Accessory movements are a must after your 30 or 40 minutes session to help strengthen those minor muscles/ joints that need work on and also help in creating a solid stronger base.

Bringing back the strength to your weightlifting movements : As earlier mentioned, trying to work directly on your 1 RM’s or even just playing around RX movements in workouts will hurt you with injuries. Start working on these movements by working sets of 8-10 reps @40-50% and adding some time under tension to get familiar with movements and thus helping your body slowly gain back its strength.

Tracing back your movements to Olympic lifts: Before we begin with complex movements such as snatch or clean, we should work on getting the mobility and help the brain recollect the mechanics of lifting by practising with just the Olympic bar. You can work on movements such as clean deadlift, snatch deadlift, clean pull, snatch pull, muscle clean, muscle snatch, front squat, back squats without adding much weight but just building up to the main movement and getting the forms right. Technique is key in these lifts so we need to make sure the practice is enough before we start going into the complex movements.

Building that tank for metcons/conditioning workouts: Now you need to start changing your workouts to more balanced variations and adding some work-rest ratio to help you ease in the intensity of workouts. You do not want to be breathless or maxing out in any of the movements set for your metcon workout.



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